9 December

LYFE Kitchen: Beyond Good Design

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A restaurant’s design is a large factor of importance for the success of any brand. LYFE Kitchen, as recently featured in this QSR Article, Living the LYFE in Quick Service, truly embodies the essence of restaurant design with a purpose.


Since LYFE Kitchen’s mission is to provide healthy, fresh and gourmet fast food, in a responsible way (e.g. sustainability) we wanted to convey that through the physical aspects of the restaurant. We are very proud to say that our head design consultant, Margee Drews, took this concept to the extreme when working with LYFE Kitchen. Using materials like recycled milk containers for the sofas and countertops constructed from reclaimed materials, are just a couple of  innovative ways Margee incorporated green, socially-responsible principles to restaurant’s interior design.


Combine this with a cozy, comfortable and inviting atmosphere and you’ve got a place where few would want to leave. Read more about it here at QSR:  Living the LYFE in Quick Service


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