14 December

LYFE Kitchen Design takes “environmentally-friendly” to a whole new level

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

LYFE Kitchen recently debuted this October, showcasing gourmet healthy food and the Synergy Team has been proud to be a part of its
development. But it doesn’t stop at just green, healthful food – one of the main goals at LYFE Kitchen is to promote green living, which can be showcased by its restaurant design.

Our very own interior restaurant designer, Margee Drews, and architects at Keisker & Wiggle, worked to provide a carefully thought-out design which includes the use of recycled materials and reclaimed goods to produce an atmosphere that is comforting  for guests while responsible and sustainable to our environment.

For an in-depth look at the unique restaurant design techniques implemented, read the article from Nation’s Restaurant News that has
featured the deign in an article showcasing the “10 ‘green’ things at LYFE Kitchen”

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