16 January

January is National Egg Month

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Did you know that January is National Egg Month? The versatile egg is one of the most frequently used ingredient across the world and what better way to use eggs than in a delicious breakfast? Now is a great time to evaluate your restaurant’s breakfast menu and add or revamp dishes. Here’s our list of five fabulous menu items featuring eggs.
Photo Credit: License CC By 2.0 Copyright Flickr User jeffreyw
Photo Credit: License CC By 2.0 Copyright Flickr User jeffreyw


1) Frittata – omelettes are great but more unique is the moist, sumptuous frittata. Let your imagination run wild; try adding sausage and peppers seasoned with fresh herbs. Or appeal to your vegetarian audience and try making a garden vegetable frittata with seasonal ingredients for optimal flavor.


2) Eggs Benedict – a luxurious comfort food, eggs benedict is always a crowd-pleaser.


3) Chorizo and Eggs – if a breakfast burrito sounds a little boring, then a dish of chorizo and eggs is a great alternative. In this dish, you can prepare the eggs scrambled or baked.


4) Breakfast Quiche – quiches are another versatile egg dish, perfect to use leftover ingredients.


5) Breakfast Muffin – a perfect portable breakfast, a breakfast muffin can be savory or sweet.


Do more with your breakfast menu and celebrate the egg! For help with your restaurant menu, contact Synergy.
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