HOST Milan 2017 and the Best Pizza Dough

Nov 03, 2017

Milan is often regarded as the fashion capital of the world. However, every two years, professionals in the hospitality industry flock here to preview innovations in food and beverage. While attending the 2017 HOST show in Milan, Danny and I were able to check out the latest and greatest in restaurant technology and also traverse our way throughout Italy feasting our taste buds in delight.


Here at Synergy, we like to call ourselves the “pizza experts,” but that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to different methods of pie-making! To be successful means to have an open mind to new ideas and innovations. This brings me to our exploration of pizza oven technology at the HOST show.


Sure, we all know that a delicious crust typically comes out of a wood-fired oven, but… I had an amazing pizza that actually came out of an electric oven! The crust turned out beautifully and of course, the flavor was spot-on. In the spirit of good eats and ideas, I wanted to share all that you need to create a young, non-aged dough that delivers a great tasting and looking pizza.


  • Double O flour
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Fresh Yeast

And by the way, there is NO sugar or oil required.

The moral of the story today? It’s amazing what is possible when you open your mind to exploring new and innovative ideas!