Greenery Meets Restaurant

Dec 16, 2016

What color will 2017 be? Each year the Pantone Color Institute identifies what they believe to be the “Pantone Color of the Year,” with 2016 being Rose Quartz and Serenity (a dusty pink and a baby blue). They study trends in social media, fashion, consumer products and technology in order to make their annual forecasts. And this year, the color experts predict that 2017’s color will be, “greenery.” Not just any green, mind you.  Pantone Color Institute describes the color of 2017 as a “zesty yellow-green shade.”


What images, words, or ideas come to your mind when you think of the color, green? For us, we envision healthy food, like fresh-from-the-farm produce that’s ready to make a statement on the plate. And it’s not just the food itself either.


Take a look at True Food Kitchen. The restaurant’s menu is complemented by the vibrant shades of green of the interior. Zesty lime-green booths and chairs fill the space, inside as well as in the outdoor seating areas. It’s a great example of a restaurant cleverly uniting color and concept.

LYFE Kitchen herb wall
LYFE Kitchen herb wall

Lyfe Kitchen’s herb wall provides a pretty splash of green color while at the same time promoting a healthy vibe to the space.


We’re excited to see how “greenery” will be implemented in restaurants come 2017!