Employee Rewards Technology – Give Your Team the Boost They Need!

Apr 21, 2021

By: Rita ImersonOperations & Training Consultant


We hear it time and time again…how do you retain the best employees with the industry being so competitive, compensation constantly increasing, and when the current workforce places a lower value on loyalty and job longevity?


The answer is complex, and there is no simple solution. Good hiring practices that truly target the Gen Z workforce, strong onboarding and training with clear expectations and management engagement, fair practices, and a positive work culture all help create an environment in which team members feel valued and enjoy working.


staff reward


We all know scheduling and communication apps and checklist technology improve and simplify the workplace for team members, but now technology is stepping into employee perks.


With Onaroll, your team members are rewarded with points for the performance goals you set. Goals can include the speed of service, upsells, and on-time arrival. Additionally, you can reward tenure and keep your team invested in staying put working for you long term. Each week team members are given tickets with BIG winning opportunities…the longer they stay in the job, the more chances they have to win.


This technology integrates with your POS to award points automatically without any work for you or your management team. It is SMS-based, so there is no app or downloads, or enrollment.


If your leaders are looking for a simple way to improve productivity and boost morale, this may be just the answer. It’s an easy to implement option that offers a fun way for your team members to feel rewarded and valued.

employee rewards app