A Digital Business in a Digital World

Apr 21, 2021

By: Shane O’Brien, Culinary Consultant


Expanding your customer contact is a tried and tested way of not helping your business but responding to a pre and post-Covid landscape’s growing demand.


How can you be more accessible with changing customer behavior?


Church’s Chicken has developed a method with eye-popping results. 85% of their guests interact with the company using their mobile device, so they poured resources into beefing up their digital storefront.

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“A new website, channel strategy, and mobile welcomer (location finder) were rolled out to help guests go from first impression to desired action within three clicks.”


Return business is an elusive dynamic with many factors affecting why guests return. But having an appealing, fun, and ultimately easy-to-use digital experience can vastly improve your chances. Dictating the ease of use within digital interactions is highly effective at driving return business.


In addition to their freshly overhauled web experience, Church’s took steps to develop their mobile app and email platform.


Along with a loyalty program upgrade, Church’s “launched a new customer database in order to create more personalized and dynamic communications.”


Important to note that in addition to all of the benefits that Church’s saw with their digital renaissance, “Church’s saw an uptick in adoption among GenZ and Millennial audiences, particularly following the launch of the new Church’s Chicken Sandwich.”


Digital development can help capture existing guest’s appreciation, but a large portion of the market is already fluent in social media and virtual business experiences, so it’s a win-win.