Dessert Trend Alert: Rolled Ice Cream is Gaining Popularity

Oct 22, 2017

Photo: Janine on Flickr CC by 2.0

Soft-serve, double-scooped on a cone or rolled—how do you like your ice cream? Yes, we said “rolled.” Rolled ice cream is just what it sounds like and it’s becoming very popular here in the U.S. and other countries. Invented in Thailand, this style of ice cream is as much a treat for the taste buds as it is to the eyes (it’s the perfect Instagram shot)!


Also known as stir-fried ice cream, rolled ice cream is created by pouring milk-based liquid on a freezing flat metal pan where it is mixed, stirred, flattened and then rolled using metal spatulas. The result is a unique shape, much like a biscuit roll. Several ice cream rolls are then placed into a paper cup and adorned with your choice of toppings like fruit, whipped cream, syrup, nuts and candy. And it’s quickly made to serve!


Check out this video to see how it’s made in Thailand: