4 August

Create Success Through Restaurant Branding

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A restaurant’s success is dependent on many factors. Although an accessible location, impeccable service, and delicious food are essential, today’s saturated market requires restaurateurs to work even harder to set their restaurants apart from the competition. One way to do this is by creating a brand for the restaurant. Restaurant branding allows consumers to connect with a concept and takes the restaurant from simply serving food to providing guests with an experience.  In a restaurant, the brand encompasses everything from the logo on a server’s shirt to the style of plate on which an entrée is served.  It’s crucial that all elements are aligned and clearly communicate the look, tone, feel, and personality of the concept’s brand.


The James Beard Awards (the Oscars of the food world) recognize the importance of branding and design and present two annual awards for ‘Best Restaurant Design and Graphics,’ one to a restaurant under 75 seats and one to a restaurant with 76+ seats.  This year’s winners were Isa in Brooklyn and Juvia in Miami.  Although these restaurants are very different in style and feel, the attention to detail and effort to connect with the consumer are apparent in both brands.


Isa, described by the New York Times as “urban woodsman meets country kitchen,” features quirky, unpredictable nouveau American cuisine.  One look at their website and photos of the restaurant and you’ll see the ‘expect the unexpected’, playful experience that Isa strives to provide.


Juvia serves Asian fusion cuisine in a luxurious 10,000 square foot indoor/outdoor penthouse.  With 360-degree views of Miami Beach, the dining room’s vertical garden gives diners the feeling of being above the city in a lush rainforest, an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Along with the space and location, Juvia’s chic design evokes feelings of luxury, seduction, and exclusivity.


Other 2013 nominees included Farmshop (Santa Monica), minibar by José Andrés (Washington D.C.), Jaleo (Las Vegas), and Triniti (Houston).


Photo Credit: CC by Evan Cooper "minibar"
Photo Credit: CC by Evan Cooper “minibar”


Photo: CC Jan Mark Holzer by "Jaleo by Jose Andres"
Photo: CC by “Jaleo by Jose Andres”



Photo Credit: CC by Jan Mark Holzer
Photo Credit: CC by Jan Mark Holzer




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