Could “skinny” adult beverages be the next big thing?

Jul 25, 2010

adult-skinny-martiniIt’s no surprise that consumer tastes are more on the lighter, healthier side these days. This healthy trend is not just limited to food, however.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the light, low-calorie beer commercials. But now you can get low-calorie “skinny” adult beverages at your favorite restaurants, too. Check out Fleming’s Steakhouse’s new 99 Calorie Summer Cocktail, the “Bikinitini” – a refreshing, citrus martini that’ll keep you guilt-free. According to Fleming’s, “We embraced the challenge of creating a summer cocktail, and we had three criteria. 1) It had to be refreshing, so citrus was a must. 2) It had to be fun and colorful. 3) The real challenge: it had to be under 100 calories.” Even popular restaurants like the Yard House and Cheesecake Factory proudly feature a, “bikini martini” drink.

It is clear that menu choices are beginning to expand to include “skinny” adult beverages to cater to those watching their waistline. In today’s progressively competitive restaurant landscape, it is crucial to identify consumer trends, which really boil down to their own personal concerns – in this example, it is obviously a health issue. Become the restaurant that will accommodate to a wide range of consumer tastes and you will undoubtedly see high guest frequency! Stay tuned as we’ll be keeping you up-to-date on the latest restaurant trends.