Convenience Drives Lunch Business

Sep 06, 2014

Lunch is the meal consumers most often eat away from home, according to a new report from Technomic, a leading market research firm.  The study found that consumers eat lunch out, on average, a couple days a week and convenience is the most important factor in determining the establishments they patronize.  Consider these facts:


menus53% of consumers who have increased their lunch visits to fast-casual restaurants have done so for convenience
• 41% of people who eat lunch at restaurants at least once a week do so to save time
• 51% of consumers studied chose a restaurant based on the taste of the food and beverage offerings
• 43% chose a restaurant based on the value offered
• 47% visited restaurants in a narrow radius, often repeating visits to a select few restaurants
• 18% of consumers purchased lunch from a mix of both new and familiar restaurants
• 63% of diners felt menu variety and diversity of offerings were very important
• 28% of consumers preferred frequent or new limited-time-offerings to try new foods and branch out




Would you like to increase your lunch business? While you can’t (easily) change your location, you can improve your speed of service and menu mix. By offering quick, efficient service and a diversified menu, you’ll have lunch consumers coming back for more. For help with menu innovation and restaurant efficiency, please contact Synergy Restaurant Consultants.

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