Congratulations on Completing the Training Program, Marlene!

Dec 31, 2020

We are so thrilled to share with you Marlene’s experience with our SynergyU Restaurant Management Training Program. Read her review of our the program in her own words.

“Individuals are always stronger when they have their successes and strengths clearly in mind.” -Don Clifton

2020 was not the year I had anticipated. The year before, I had made a few significant changes in my life, including changing my whole career path, which was way overdue. It took years, if not decades, to finally buckle down and fully pursue my passion of becoming a chef and immersing myself in the restaurant industry, a field I had dreamed about my whole life.


March 2020 came along, and all the fear, hard work, anticipation, sleepless nights, early mornings suddenly seemed to just come to a halt, and I was left jobless. I knew the efforts I had put forth in changing my career were all worth it and would still be of benefit, but I was frustrated, at 33 years old, feeling like I had to start my entire career all over again.


I found myself re-training my brain on what I could do in a situation that I had no control over. I found myself looking for ways to advance my knowledge so that no matter what else happened in the coming days, weeks, and months I would be able to find a job of my choice. Additionally, gaining the necessary training and knowledge, I would need to move forward even if that meant not having hands-on training at that current time.


My boyfriend and I talked for months about executing a business plan for a restaurant of our own. We had an “Aha” moment and knew there was no better time than now. I started doing research on managerial classes and looking for consulting groups that could lend us a hand and help guide us to get to where we wanted to be. I came upon Synergy Restaurant Consultants while doing my research. I saw the extensive clientele Synergy had and that they had guided a few restaurants I had previously worked in and played a significant role in other restaurants I had looked up to and admired over the years because of their reputation, experience, and consistent execution.


My time spent taking Synergy’s Management Course was something I am incredibly grateful to have found. Their Synergy U e-Learning Management Training Program felt like a breeze. The information was well delivered and adaptable to even an individual that might not have any restaurant experience. The video’s and information showcased and replayed the words communicated on the screen. I especially liked how the training platform was available not just on my iPad, desktop computer but mostly on my iPhone. It is so valuable to have easy access right in the palm of my hand that would be the same on any other platform type.


The management course focused on the front of the house and what it means to be a floor manager and showed and highlighted the importance of having a positive and open relationship with the kitchen. From my experience, a lot of front of house training doesn’t explore the unique bond between the back of the house staff. The e-Learning management course recognized the importance of communication with the Chef, line cooks, dishwashers, prep cooks, etc., and the value of learning more about them as humans, their drive, and their pride in the food they present. It creates a good rapport and allows an open communication line so that the front of the house feels just as competent to provide guests with that phenomenal experience, not only the first time but every time a guest comes in.


A well-run restaurant is composed of many different harmonious pieces; the front of the house staff, the back of the house staff, investors, customers, vendors, etc., are all part of making restaurants great. Synergy U Management Training program did a great job in relaying that and how all the different puzzle pieces of a restaurant come together, from the moment the guest walks in the door until when the kitchen closes up for the night.


In addition to the informational videos and bulleted notes shared in the Synergy Management Training platform, they also went above and beyond to provide a forms toolbox to utilize. They walk you through the form and give you an editable version that you can customize based on your establishment’s individual needs.


Synergy U


As an overly organized individual and acting General Manager, I like to have checklists, accountability sheets, service steps, manuals, etc., so when I train my staff, they know what our expectations are and are all held accountable. Synergy Management Training platform provided those tools and more, from inventory checklists to steps of service, how to complete a “restaurant loop” in 15 mins to learn how service is going, and so much more.


When my restaurant launches in mid-2021, I will have a sound foundation and footing on a well driven and oiled machine. I feel like I received way more than I had expected upon taking this course, and it makes me feel so much more confident in this new role now and prepared for what is to come my way. I’m genuinely even more excited to train my staff with all the incredible knowledge I’ve picked up and hope to share the Synergy Certified Manager Course with my employees and others looking to make strides and move ahead in the hospitality field. The Synergy U Management Training covers way more than you would expect. Not only do you receive a plethora of information, but you also have tools that will be forever accessible and adaptable as the restaurant industry grows and continues to expand.


I want to thank Mike Walls and his excellent team for publishing such a fantastic course and touching base with me throughout my progress, continuing to open their wide door of resources for myself and my team whenever I might need it.


Thank you so much for all you do!

With Love,

Marlene E. Spicer