17 October

Champaign, Illinois is now the home for your new favorite “third place.” That’s because we just opened up The Hub, a brand new restaurant and sports bar right in the University of Illinois campus area. The Hub features signature cocktails like their Prickly... continue reading

Synergy Restaurant Consultants

As restaurant consultants, our goal is to help you make your restaurant as successful as possible. Sometimes, our clients aren’t sure exactly where they need help or what needs to be done. Regardless of your specific situation, it’s all about maximizing your restaurant’s... continue reading

27 October

How to apply for a liquor license

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Restaurant Start ups
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

  So you’ve passed the hardest part in the game and your restaurant is now in full swing. But you want to give your customers a better dining experience – namely, one that pairs delicious food with equally delicious wine and spirits. And the biggest benefit... continue reading

17 June

Buns, Burgers and Beyond

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, Restaurant Start ups
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

What’s more pleasing than a mouthwatering burger with all the fixings? When you think about it, hamburgers are truly timeless and have become an American culinary icon for decades. Burgers are so popular that most Americans need only drive 5 minutes to the nearest burger... continue reading