Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Success Story


National chain with more than 370 locations


Management at Dickey’s sought to re-engineer the menu, evaluate existing pricing systems and design new menu boards as part of a prototype development process. The project needed to be completed within a tight deadline to meet existing construction schedules.


Synergy spent time at several Dickey’s locations to observe operations and understand how users interacted with the brand, menu system and ordering processes. With this information in hand, we took the leadership at Dickey’s on a four-day competitive market tour in the Dallas area to survey best-in-class menu board systems and create a model for the revised Dickey’s menu. The Synergy team provided specific schematic menu engineering recommendations, including menu headings, menu descriptors, menu copy, pricing strategy, and user experience design to optimize sales. Findings were presented to the Dickey’s leadership team in a collaborative meeting that allowed management to leave with a detailed blueprint for revised menu boards ready for the in-house design department.

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