Meet the Team



Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Southern California, Natasha Reta has acquired more than 12 years in the restaurant industry. After working her way through all aspects of the restaurant business including front of the house management, Natasha found her culinary calling in the city of San Francisco where she spent two years under the tutelage of Chef Michael Bilger. Chef Bilger’s kitchen focused on sustainable seafood and farm to table freshness. Constantly rotating the dishes to adapt to the flavors provided by the season, Natasha learned the importance of incorporating the best products available. Natasha is adept in many facets of the culinary industry ranging from seafood preparation, smoked meats, handmade pasta and creative menu concepts. Her culinary stylings are framed by the eclectic Los Angeles food scene along with the Southwestern flair of her heritage. Most recently Chef Reta has been contracted by the Fork in the Road catering company to create artisan pop-up dinners throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.  Natasha brings a positive attitude and mindful patience to kitchen development, knowing that every great restaurant deserves a little faith and plenty of unconditional love.


Saffron pappardelle with short rib ragu and shaved pecorino.

“This industry is ever changing as our society grows and educates itself on what it means to be a consumer. Developing yourself in food service means you never say never, always think outside of the box and never forget the importance of working together. One CANNOT run a successful restaurant alone.”