A Different Kind of App

Jan 18, 2021

Wings. Mozz sticks. Nachos.

We all love apps, but the restaurant business is getting a new kind of app that’s worth all of those combined: training apps.

New hires can be given access to a mobile application that will train them on everything you want them to know. From menu knowledge to greetings to safety rules to employee benefits, the latest mobile apps are perfect for training the very technology savvy employees the restaurant business tends to attract.

The great advantage is that your staff can learn anywhere, any time. Sitting in the bar on break, in the break room before their shift, or at home while they’re bored, they can learn how to do their jobs better.

Many, many restaurant employees are committed to being great professionals, really good at what they do.


staff training course


Bartenders spend hours practicing bottle spinning and making new drinks.
Servers look for news ways to upsell and deliver better service.
Hosts will often spend hours talking about how to do their jobs better.
Cooks often take time to learn new dishes and new skills.

Making more knowledge available to your staff will help them feel valued. It shows that you want your staff to be more successful and more skilled.

A mobile app is the most efficient and portable way to improve your employees’ lives.

Do you use a mobile app to train your staff? Have seen what apps like this can do?