10 November

Building Better Draft Cocktails

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Draft Cocktails

A truly great cocktail has many facets above and beyond flavor. The flavor must be balanced and walk the line between sweetness and acidity, bitter and sour, and so on. However, texture, temperature, and dilution all play major roles as well. Jeffrey Morgenthaler believes... continue reading

18 October
Impossible Burger

When you think of a delicious and juicy hamburger, several components need to be spot on—fresh vegetables, delicious bread, and first and foremost, a delicious patty (preferably a hand-pattied blend of beef). The star is certainly the meat—but what if there is... continue reading

8 October

Cooking Tech: Thermomix

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When visiting the Culinary Institute of America for a Fellows Event, I experienced a cooking technology that impressed me. A company called Vorwerk showcased their product, Thermomix—a hugely popular product overseas. Thermomix is an amazing piece of equipment, often... continue reading