30 September

Next-Level Vegetarian Food

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It’s been a good long while since the words “vegetarian food” conjured up images of hippy-dippy lifestyles or the obligatory joyless vegetable plate. Offering meatless menu specialties isn’t just hospitable or the right thing to do: It’s become... continue reading

30 September

20 Ideas for Building Sales with Breakfast

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Breakfast isn’t for every restaurant brand, but where it’s appropriate the morning meal can be a significant source of sales. In fact, it’s a bright spot according to The NPD Group—breakfast was up 4% during the year ended May 2015, larger due to QSR,... continue reading

30 September

A Chef’s Place in the California Drought

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By Justin Braly, Synergy Restaurant Consultants Chefs in California are spoiled. We have artisan poultry farmers (Liberty Ducks), same-day seafood availability (Catalina Offshore Products) and an unrivaled bounty of produce (Chino Farm). But we also feel the effects of the... continue reading

24 September

Pumpkin Spice Everything

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It’s that season again. In the aisles of your local grocery store and on the menus of your favorite cafes, pumpkin spice-flavored treats are abound. From unique products like pumpkin pie flavored potato chips and Peeps to decadent desserts like pumpkin... continue reading

11 September

LYFE Kitchen’s Exponential Growth

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We are very pleased to learn that our former client, LYFE Kitchen, is planning to open 10 more locations by the end of this year. Cofounder Mike Donahue, former McDonald’s executive, set forth to create an elevated fast-casual restaurant experience that focuses on good-for-you... continue reading