30 June

Free Refills—Or Not?

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As beverage trends point towards better-for-you beverages, such as aguas frescas and signature chef-inspired lemonades, will guests still ask: “Can I get a refill?”   With classic fountain sodas and their incredible margins, the answer has long been yes, “Refill... continue reading

22 June

June 2015 Newsletter

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, newsletters

Greetings! With summer comes more travel, and it’s a sure bet that some of these travelers will be ending up in our restaurants, as the pursuit of “gastro-tourism” (travel specifically to enjoy the food of a particular destination) continues to gather steam.... continue reading

10 June

A Look at the Small Desserts Trend

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Blog, Menu Development

What’s better than ending a great meal with a sweet treat? We all love dessert, however these days when it comes to the after-meal indulgences, less is more. Americans are more and more conscious of their health as it relates to sugar intake and weight, which is... continue reading