26 May

May 2015 Newsletter

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Greetings! Ah, Paris: City of Lights, bastion of haute cuisine… place to sample a Big Mac? If you want to know how the iconic American burger giant adapts itself to the demanding Parisian marketplace, read the excellent article by our associate Mandy DeLucia, who visited... continue reading

22 May

Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage to $15

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There has been a lot of talk across the U.S. about the seemingly ever-changing minimum wage debacle. Just Tuesday, Los Angeles City Council approved the increase of minimum wage to $15 from $9 to be effective by 2020.   Los Angeles joins the rank with other major cities:... continue reading

5 May

Chipotle Goes Non-GMO

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These days, there are a lot of buzzwords when it comes to foods: From gluten free and paleo diets to organic and sustainable. But one word is of contentious debate and has all eyes looking : “GMO.” An acronym for “genetically modified organism,” or... continue reading