30 September

September 2014 Newsletter

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Greetings! The news that July restaurant sales declined and operators are feeling less-than-optimistic about the future is giving everyone a bit of pause about the “recovery.” Rising food prices and concern about new minimum wage requirements are also giving the... continue reading

26 September

Tapping into Breakfast Profits

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The word, “breakfast” often conjures up images of a large hearty meal of foods such as pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon and sausage. Comfort foods like these,and even healthier breakfast options, are embraced by many Americans, but especially Millennials, as indicated... continue reading

21 September

Restaurants Adapt to Appeal to Millennials

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

  After several years of reduced traffic, restaurant owners are searching for ways to drive Millennials back into their establishments. Millennials, those aged 18-34, represent a large market segment but have reduced their restaurant visits and spent more time eating... continue reading

6 September

Convenience Drives Lunch Business

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Lunch is the meal consumers most often eat away from home, according to a new report from Technomic, a leading market research firm.  The study found that consumers eat lunch out, on average, a couple days a week and convenience is the most important factor in determining... continue reading