30 May
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Frozen meals tend to carry a stigma – mushy, bland, unhealthy and a “last-resort” type of meal if you’ve no time to cook. But LYFE Kitchen has changed all of that with their new line of prepared gourmet meals. How does Chicken Chile Verde with Polenta... continue reading

28 May
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Organic food is the highest growth sector of the grocery market today, climbing 9.5% to reach $31.5B in 20121. No longer confined to the walls of Whole Foods, organic products (food and otherwise) are cropping up in aisles from your local corner bodega to mass-market giants... continue reading

22 May

May 2013 Newsletter

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Greetings! A lot’s been going on at Synergy lately. We’re working on two projects slated to open in the next several months in the charming, newly revitalized center city area of Rapid City, S.D., about 20 miles from Mount Rushmore. Eight months in the making ¿Que... continue reading