21 May

May 2012 Newsletter

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Greetings! We’ve been travelling a lot lately, and we couldn’t help but notice how exciting the hotel dining scene is getting again. This happens periodically in the business cycle, as hotel-development strategies have shifted back and forth between full-service... continue reading

20 May

Hands-free wok cooking

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Let’s face it – we love being spoiled by convenience. Technology has enabled us to free up our time and our hands, be it in the office, the home and especially the kitchen. If you were to ask any chef what their most valuable tools are in the kitchen, they’d... continue reading

19 May

Big Summer Profits from Draft Beer

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

By Leslie Miller Beverage Specialist, Synergy Restaurant Consultants There are few items in the restaurant or bar that yield as high a profit as draft beer. When you take into consideration all the positives to draft beer: • Fresh, high perceived value by guest •... continue reading

15 May

Article Feature: Restaurant Rivals

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Our very own Danny Bendas was interviewed in the Restaurant Management Article, Restaurant Revivals.   For many restaurants in trouble, the first necessary step is often the most difficult: recognizing the need for change. Though the reasons for a tailspin vary, from... continue reading

8 May
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Not generally regarded as a sexy ingredient to their other legume counterparts in the culinary world, lentils are often associated with hearty soups and healthy eats. While that is true, there is so much more that the lentil can be used for and in so many delicious and unique... continue reading