23 May

Small businesses Fret Over Obama Health Law

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Synergy Restaurant Consultants

One small business owner in Massachusetts, found that the state’s2006 health care law left him facing $15,000 in fines since it took effect. If you, as a restaurant business owner have even given it a glance, President Obama’s new health care overhaul will bring... continue reading

17 May
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

It was a pleasure being a guest speaker at the University of Davis for the Post Harvest Technology group (PTRIC). The group has  30 conferences over the years and it is designed to make the growers aware of the needs in the market place which is backed up with a... continue reading

13 May

Crafty Ways Restaurants Cut Costs

Synergy Restaurant Consultants | Restaurant Management
Synergy Restaurant Consultants

Synergy was interviewed for this WSJ article by NEIL PARMAR: When it comes to dining out, Kevin Moll is the kind of frugal patron restaurant owners would love to see more of. The father of two from Denver always passes on the cream and sugar. He never pours a blob of... continue reading